Our Group conducts its research at the IIT and currently consists of 9 staff professors, 1 "ad honorem" professor, 4 contracted researchers and 2 doctoral students. 


Academic Staff

Nombre Puesto E-mail Tel.
Arias, Juan E. Associate Professor juan.arias [at] usc.es 16007
Baldomir, Daniel Professor daniel.baldomir [at] usc.es 16005
Castro, Francisco J. Associate Professor franciscojavier.castro.paredes [at] usc.es 16005
Pardo, Víctor Associate Professor victor.pardo [at] usc.es 16005
Saco, Pedro J. Associate Professor pedro.saco [at] usc.es 16005
Serantes, David Associate Professor david.serantes [at] usc.es 16095
Tobar, Alejandro J. Associate Professor alejandro.tobar [at] usc.es 16005
Triñanes, Joaquín A. Associate Professor joaquin.trinanes [at] usc.es 16001
Varela, José Associate Professor jose.varela.pet [at] usc.es 16005

“ad honorem” Academic Staff

Nombre Puesto E-mail Tel.
Hernández, Carlos “ad honorem”Professor carlos.hernandez [at] usc.es 16005

Personal temporal

Nombre Puesto E-mail Tel.
Barro, Antonia Research Contract tona.barro [at] usc.es 16005
Faílde, Daniel PhD student dani_fail [at] hotmail.com 16005
Muñoz, Cristina PhD student cristina.munoz [at] usc.es 16095
Otero, Adolfo Research Contract adolfo.otero.fumega [at] usc.es 16005
Vieites, Esteban Research Contract esteban.vieites [at] usc.es 16005